Friday, December 7, 2007

The Jobs of the Future

Writing in Thinking K-16, a journal published by the Education Trust, Patte Barth argues that “The Information Age set off a rush to find skilled workers in many occupations and simultaneously reduced the proportion of unskilled jobs.”

She warns ominously, “The future holds grim prospects for young people who lack sufficient skills, for they are increasingly shut out of good, middle-income jobs. The occupations experiencing the largest growth are those that demand well-developed cognitive skills and postsecondary credentials.”

That growth, reports Ed in 08 on a “fact sheet” entitled American Education Standards, means that “Two-thirds of new jobs being created in today’s economy require higher education or advanced training.”

Those students not entering “high skill” jobs must receive a rigorous education heavily dosed with math and science, urges Education Sector, because “Today even blue collar jobs call for more than basic computational skills.”

Take a moment and check out this November's job forecast for 2006-2016.

Look at the top experiencing "the largest growth."

How can someone say "2/3 of new jobs being created in today's economy require higher education or advanced training?"

Which blue collar jobs call for "more than basic computational skills?"

Am I missing something?

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