Sunday, July 27, 2008

Games and social foundations classes?

I've been pondering how to engage students in an asynchronous class this fall, and I'm going to take a turn trying a game (that I've audaciously named Strata because, well, it starts out with a straightforward stratification focus). I may well fall flat on my face, but there's a deeper question: what are the possibilities for using games or simulations in social foundations classes? My interest here is in generating discussion about the game (and the meta-gameplay I'll plan for partway through the semester), but there are other purposes that could be served by such activities. We create a simulated case for our multi-section undergrad social foundations class, and both my colleagues and I have run one- or two-class simulations.

But those are in my limited experience. If you've taught social foundations, have you used simulations or games, and in what structures?

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